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With Smythe & Jones’ experienced mediators, you can reach a resolution through negotiation and compromise, saving you time, anxiety and money.

Resolve Conflicts and Reach Agreements with Professional Mediation Services

Mediation puts you in control of your court case by allowing you to work with a neutral mediator who will guide you to a resolution through negotiation and compromise.

Smythe & Jones skilled mediators are available for both half and full day Mediations.

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Discover how mediation can help you reach a resolution for your legal matters and take the steps towards a positive outcome.

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Why Mediation?

Mediation places the power of your court case in your hands, allowing you to work with a skilled neutral to navigate sensitive discussions and reach a resolution through negotiation and compromise, saving you time and money compared to litigation.

Most courts require mediation or alternative dispute resolution prior to trial and Smythe & Jones offers flexible private mediation services to resolve your case prior to trial. By choosing mediation, you can save months of hearings and trial dates that can get continued, and complete the process on your own timeline.

How does mediation work?

The mediation process is voluntary and the parties are in control of the outcome. If an agreement is not reached, the parties can still pursue other legal options. However, mediation can often be a faster, less expensive, and less adversarial alternative to going to court, and can also result in more creative and tailored solutions that better meet the needs and interests of both parties.

Initial Consultation

The first step in the mediation process is typically an initial consultation, during which the mediator will explain the mediation process and answer any questions the parties may have. The mediator will also gather information about the dispute and the parties involved.

Identifying Issues

The mediator will work with the parties to identify the issues in dispute and clarify each party’s interests and concerns. This involves active listening, asking questions, and helping each party understand the other’s perspective.

Negotiation and Agreement

The parties will negotiate and work towards reaching an agreement that satisfies both sides. The mediator will help facilitate the conversation and offer guidance when needed, but will not make any decisions or impose any solutions on the parties. The goal is for the parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Setting Ground Rules

Once all parties have agreed to mediate, the mediator will set some ground rules for the mediation process. These may include confidentiality agreements, rules around respectful communication, and any other guidelines necessary for a productive mediation.

Generating Options

Once the issues have been identified, the mediator will help the parties generate possible options for resolving the dispute. These options may be explored through brainstorming or other techniques, and may include creative solutions that may not have been considered in a traditional legal process.

Finalizing the Agreement

Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator will help the parties finalize the agreement and ensure that everyone understands the terms. The agreement may be put in writing and signed by all parties.

I was able to settle favorably

Jordan was retained to litigate against a dishonest building contractor who requested a sizeable cash draw from me early on and fled without completing most of the project. Jordan is very competent and adept and proved he was lying. In the end, I was able to settle favorably and collect most of the money. Highly recommend Jordan or those who might end up in an unfortunate situation of being duped by a crooked contractor!

Anonymous Client

Wish I'd hired Jordan sooner

After being represented by a previous attorney for 8 years for a business purchase gone wrong, I decided to hire Jordan Jones w/ Smythe & Jones. She was able to assist in negotiating an amicable settlement, saving me thousands of dollars and avoiding trial in a short amount of time. My only regret is that I don’t hire her sooner!


Proposes Sound Solutions

I’ve had Stacey address legal issues that have arisen in my life in the last several years. She listens and grasps your problems quickly while proposing sound solutions that let you get on with your life without worrying you will go broke trying.


Knowledgeable, experienced and honest!

Stacy assisted me with my divorce. She helped me understand the process and everything went smooth and in no way stressful. I would and have recommended Stacey to others.

Anonymous Client

Sharp, Responsive & Professional

I hired Jordan for a general contractor’s breaching the agreement case. She was sharp, responsive and professional, guided me to go through the whole process. I trust her and highly recommend her to someone who is facing the legal matters.


Resolved without trial!

I hired Marianne to represent me on a retaliation issue against my employer. My case was resolved without going to trial, She was very knowledgeable ,experienced and honest. Her fee was also reasonable. I highly recommend her.