Consumer Law

Consumer law plays a vital role in promoting fairness and transparency in the marketplace and protecting consumers from unscrupulous business practices. It provides legal recourse for individuals who have suffered financial or personal harm due to deceptive practices by businesses, and helps to foster a more equitable and just business environment for all.

Consumer law refers to the collection of regulations and statutes designed to provide protection to buyers in the marketplace and to prevent unethical practices by sellers. The primary objective of consumer law is to establish a fair balance between buyers and sellers, ensuring that consumers are not taken advantage of or subjected to deceitful tactics by businesses.

Consumer law provides legal recourse for consumers who have suffered from fraudulent practices such as false advertising, misleading labeling, defective products, and unfair trade practices.

Some examples of consumer protection laws include the Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Truth in Lending Act, and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. These laws aim to safeguard consumers’ rights to accurate information, transparency, and fair treatment in all aspects of the transaction.

My go-to-attorney for life!

Jordan is a firecracker, no exaggeration! She was able to resolve a failed contract negotiation that was trying to sue me for triple what I offered, and she got them to settle for half of my initial offer. She represented my thoughts and feelings to a tee in a clear and concise manner. I am super grateful! You’re my business go-to-attorney for life now.


Resolved a difficult situation

When I went through my dissolution, I was overwhelmed and stressed. Stacey took charge of my case and eased my concern and worry. She’s extremely knowledgeable, smart and effective! Her approach and willingness to listen to me, definitely helped resolve a difficult situation and allowed me to move on. She has my gratitude.


Took the bull by the horns!

My wife and I ran into trouble dealing with our HOA. We spent 3 months with different attorneys to no avail. Jordan changed everything! She took the bull by the horns and figured out a a strategy relieving us of the stress of figuring it out ourselves. She is very punctual, never kept us waiting for responses and our case was settled saving us thousands of dollars. A judgement that was put against us was vacated from the record due to her hard work. We are extremely pleased to have her in our corner!


Highly Recommend for Litigation

I retained Jordan to litigate against a dishonest building contractor who requested a sizeable cash draw from me early-on, and literally fled without completing most parts of the construction. Jordan is very competent and adept (controlling cost and time spent on only the essentials of litigation). The lawsuit was protracted because the defendant stonewalled time after time, and claimed he only had a few hundred dollars left in his name. Jordan proved that he was lying and at the end, was able to discover that this was a “family heist” – with most of the funds “squirreled” away in his wife’s bank account. I was able to settle favorably and collect most of the money. 

Anonymous Client