Civil Litigation Mediation

Property & Contract Mediation

At Smythe & Jones, we provide mediation services to effectively address a range of property and contract disputes. Whether it’s boundary and land disputes, easement disputes, contract disputes, medical and dental malpractice disputes, general contracting disputes, or homeowner/builder disputes, our experienced team has successfully guided clients through these complexities, helping them reach favorable resolutions without the need for court intervention. If you find yourself entangled in a property or contract dispute, our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding a resolution and moving forward.

Business & Non-Profit Organization Disputes Mediation

Conflicts that arise between business partners or separate business entities can be intricate and potentially volatile. Resolving these disputes through mediation offers substantial benefits, ensuring a positive outcome for both business owners and board members while keeping costs under control. The costs at stake extend beyond financial aspects and can include reputational damage or strained relationships with customers. Our business mediation services provide a pathway for you and your business partner or colleague to establish a plan for moving forward that preserves credibility and fosters future business relations.

Non-profit organizations are driven by their commitment to serving others. However, disputes among board members, staff, and volunteers can arise while making critical decisions or managing day-to-day operations. The Smythe & Jones team is dedicated to helping you successfully resolve disputes within your non-profit organization, enabling you to refocus on your mission of serving the public good.

Workplace Mediation

Rather than allowing investigation and legal costs to escalate, our approach is to bring all parties involved in a workplace dispute to the mediation table in a confidential setting. Whether conducted in our office, your workplace, or via virtual platforms like Zoom, our aim is to achieve a resolution that addresses the issues at hand and avoids the need for protracted litigation. Our workplace mediation services cover a variety of disputes, including wage disputes, sexual harassment claims, conflict management, and other high-conflict workplace issues. Through skillful mediation, we strive to restore harmony and productivity within your workplace while minimizing costs and preserving working relationships.

I was able to settle favorably

Jordan was retained to litigate against a dishonest building contractor who requested a sizeable cash draw from me early on and fled without completing most of the project. Jordan is very competent and adept and proved he was lying. In the end, I was able to settle favorably and collect most of the money. Highly recommend Jordan or those who might end up in an unfortunate situation of being duped by a crooked contractor!

Anonymous Client

Wish I'd hired Jordan sooner

After being represented by a previous attorney for 8 years for a business purchase gone wrong, I decided to hire Jordan Jones w/ Smythe & Jones. She was able to assist in negotiating an amicable settlement, saving me thousands of dollars and avoiding trial in a short amount of time. My only regret is that I don’t hire her sooner!


Proposes Sound Solutions

I’ve had Stacey address legal issues that have arisen in my life in the last several years. She listens and grasps your problems quickly while proposing sound solutions that let you get on with your life without worrying you will go broke trying.


Knowledgeable, experienced and honest!

Stacy assisted me with my divorce. She helped me understand the process and everything went smooth and in no way stressful. I would and have recommended Stacey to others.

Anonymous Client

Sharp, Responsive & Professional

I hired Jordan for a general contractor’s breaching the agreement case. She was sharp, responsive and professional, guided me to go through the whole process. I trust her and highly recommend her to someone who is facing the legal matters.


Resolved without trial!

I hired Marianne to represent me on a retaliation issue against my employer. My case was resolved without going to trial, She was very knowledgeable ,experienced and honest. Her fee was also reasonable. I highly recommend her.