If you are dealing with a family law issue like a divorce or a child custody dispute, you need an experienced Washington family law attorney that is focused on your needs. At SMYTHE & JONES PLLC, our tough yet compassionate attorneys are ready to help you with issues ranging from divorce, child custody disputes, child support, spousal support, visitation rights, prenuptial agreement, Wills and Estate planning, probate and more.

Divorce is never easy, and the separation process can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life.  At SMYTHE & JONES PLLC, our experienced and compassionate Family Law attorneys understand your family’s needs, and will work to help you resolve your family’s issues in a way that helps everyone heal and move on.

Our attorneys will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and will guide you in establishing realistic, achievable goals.  We will tell you the truth about your case, even when it is not what you want to hear.  Without an honest assessment, you cannot make intelligent decisions for yourself and your children.  We will work with you on strategic planning to reach your goals; allowing us to avoid unnecessary work and you to avoid unnecessary expense.

We can be tough negotiators and aggressive litigators when the situation calls for it.  But we have the experience and judgment to realize when aggressive tactics are needed and when they will be counterproductive and simply run up your costs and increase your stress and anxiety.